3-Month Online Mentorship Program
Guiding families to become a family on purpose.

Are you ready to change your family culture?

A 3 month online cohort designed for families to work better as a team

It’s your playbook for saying no to the status quo and yes to the profound journey of cultivating a family team on purpose.

12 weeks. 12 Topics. Digital Curriculum. A community of families.
All you need to build a family team

The Game Plan Will Center Around

Weekly Keynote

Weekly live online keynotes by Francois on the curriculum topic will be held every Tuesday from 8-10pm AEST. Recordings will also be provided. About 60% attend live, while 40% watch the recordings.

Coaching and Tools

Families often need guidance and resources to overcome challenges and answer questions. To address this, Francois offers multiple “office hours” throughout the week where you can text him for assistance and practical tools. He will help you navigate through roadblocks and provide you with resources that you need to succeed.


Join a private Facebook group to interact with fellow families. Connect with a supportive community that holds each other accountable and provides motivation.

How it works

Step 1

Book a FREE discovery session to see if we're a good fit or hit BUY NOW if you're ready.

Step 2

Recieve a link and join Google Meet every Monday for 12 weeks at 8 PM AEST starting February 6, 2024. A full recording of the session will be available if you are unable to attend.

Step 3

After each session, you will have complete access to the recording and all digital resources and tools related to the session.

Step 4

Implement what you have learned and repeat steps 2 and 3

Huddle Up

Just a few of the tools and themes you will find the your game plan


Parenting principles, emphasizing love, discipline, and discipleship to raise children who are grounded in faith and equipped for the challenges of life.



Learn how to cultivate a positive and encouraging atmosphere within your family, fostering love, support, and a sense of belonging for every member.



Discuss the challenges and opportunities technology presents to families, exploring ways to maintain balance and uphold faith values in a digital age.



Discover the significance of regular family meetings as a tool for fostering communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening the bond within your family.



Explore communication techniques, emphasizing active listening, empathy, and open dialogue to enhance family relationships.



Exploring ways to strengthen the marital bond and serve as a foundation for the entire family.



Define and allocate roles within the family, understanding how each member contributes to the overall success of the family unit.



Gain practical skills in handling conflicts within the family, focusing on forgiveness, reconciliation, and maintaining a spirit of unity.



Craft practical ways to implement intentional rest, rejuvenation, and reflection to foster spiritual and emotional well-being.



Discover the significance of family traditions and rituals in building lasting memories and reinforcing values across generations.



Develop strategies for fostering spiritual growth within your family, incorporating prayer, scripture study, and worship into your daily routines.



Sustaining the momentum gained, reinforcing the family game plan, and continually growing as a strong, family team.

Only 30 spots available for the cohort

In order to ensure that each family in the cohort receives the highest level of engagement, energy, expertise, and coaching, we have decided to limit the number of members to 30. Registration for this cohort will close on February 2nd or as soon as we reach 30 members, whichever comes first.




Meet Our Family

Our team of five is originally from the beautiful landscapes of South Africa but we now call the captivating mid-north coast of Australia our home. We are nestled in the picturesque town of Port Macquarie.

We are passionate about reimagining family dynamics and believe that the essence of family bonds lies in operating as a team rather than a collection of individuals. 

With over a decade of experience in developing individuals and teams, Francois knows that a family is the ultimate team. By working together, families can achieve more without unnecessary conflicts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our online Family Mentor Program is designed to help families function better as a team. To strengthen their bonds, improve communication, and work better together. We cover a range of topics and provide tools you can use daily.

This course is designed for families who want to live with purpose and direction. It encourages you to recognize and respect the things that are important to you, such as your values, passions, and self-worth. Living purposefully provides focus, clarity, and intentionality, replacing confusion and frustration with a clear goal to work towards. It inspires and motivates you, to live purposefully.

The course includes live online keynote lessons (recordings if you miss them), digital guides, printable tools, and downloadable resources. We cover topics such as Family teamwork, How to create a vision and mission statement, Family meetings, communication skills, conflict resolution, family traditions, and fostering a positive family culture.

Content is live online but you will have access to the recording after each session including all materials and resources. 

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